The 5th semester of the bionics degree program is dedicated to practical implementation! In this year’s semester project, 12 bionics students were given the task of developing new, innovative fans that are characterized by improved energy efficiency, reduced noise generation and effective anti-icing. In cooperation with the company ZIEHL-AGEBB SE from Künzelsau, which specializes in the production of industrial fans and elevator technology, the students had 4 months to develop their innovative products.

The project work had to overcome three technical problems: First, the problem of overflow at the vane tip of the fan impeller caused by pressure differences between the pressure and suction sides of the vane. The second problem related to safety technology, and more specifically to the protection of fans against contact, which has a negative effect on noise emissions. Finally, the groups should develop a passive mechanism for heat pumps that prevents the rotor from freezing at the turntable.

At the closing event, the groups presented their results in front of parents, teachers, fellow students and representatives of ZIEHL-ABEGG SE and were able to convince them to even consider patenting. The most promising product was awarded the Otto-Spaleck-Foundation Audience Award for Innovative Technologies. 

In summary, all participants are more than satisfied with the course of the semester project. Dr. Thomas Müller from ZIEHL-AGEBB SE as well as the supervisors Prof. Dr. Alexander Sauer and Prof. Dr. Tobias Seidl praise the students’ approach and the great importance of practical and application-oriented projects. 

Otto-Spaleck-Stiftung verleiht Publikumspreis an Bionik-Studenten

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