The Otto-Spaleck-Stiftung is supporting an educational trail on the subject of bionics at the university in Bocholt. This explains what this science is all about in a familiy-friendly way.

In bionics, phenomena from nature are transferred to technology and made usable. These include the lotus effect, which is about self-cleaning surfaces, the unique cooling structure of the leaves of the Gingko tree, the incredibly stable lightweight construction of various animal bones or the movement reactions of fish fins.

Bionics Professor Hieke Beismann’s idea quickly fell on receptive ears at the Foundation. In cooperation with the LWL textile Factory in Bocholt, the illustrator Michael Tewiele and the student Sophie Dagenbach, an interesting path was created, which is to be expanded into a circuit around the university in the future.

From now on, walks around the university will not only be relaxing, but also educational!

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