The “Night of the Wings” celebrated its successfull premiere on 25 April 2024 as a network meeting for industrial engineering at the Westfälische Hochschule Bocholt campus. The event presented groundbreaking projects from research and teaching on the Industrial Engineering degree programme in short keynote speeches. In addition to fascinating insights into practical project reports and current research approaches, the main focus was on making valuable contacts – especially between students and regional industry. 

Companies and students found plenty of points of contact here tp put research results and innovations from the degree programme into practice. The opportunities for collaborative co-operation with the university were highlighted, while students also took the opportunity to network with industry experts.

A perticular highlight was the presentation of th award for the best industrial engineering master’s thesis, which we were able to present as sponsor of the event. This prize was awarded to Leander Buyting, whose thesis entitled “Develpoment of a target image for the use of digital twins of Schmitz Cargobull trailers in communication with digital warehouses” stood out. Mr Buyting’s work is characterised by its unique application of the topic of “digital twins” to the areas of semi-trailers and warehouses, laying the foundations for successful implementation in the logistics industry. The stringent derivation of the findings using stardised methods reprsents an exemplary approach.

The Otto Spaleck Foundation regularly supports scientific events in order to strengthen Bocholt as a university location and to promote young scientists and students. We are pleased to contribute to driving innovation and promotin the exchange between science and practice.

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